Chauffeur Driven Car for Mornington Peninsula wine tours

Why Book A Chauffeur Driven Car for Mornington Peninsula wine tours?

If you are looking forward to your next wine-tasting adventure in Mornington Peninsula, then there are more than one reasons to book a luxury car with a chauffeur. Chauffeured wine tours offer the next-level luxury experience. And if you are with a group, then hiring a limo would be one of the wisest choices you will make that entire day.

Mornington Peninsula is becoming the wine capital of Australia. There are nearly 200 vineyards spread across 1100 hectares, and there are estimated to be over 50 wineries with cellar doors in the region. Mornington Peninsula wine tours are getting increasingly popular across the country. It has become the leading producer of high-quality maritime, cool climate wines, especially Pinot Noir.

A Comfortable Wine-Tasting Experience:

When you take a wine tour, you want to forget about the stress of daily life and relax. Hiring a chauffeur-driven limo allows you to travel comfortably with your entourage without feeling cramped.


Wine tours are fun adventures, but you should avoid driving after drinking, at all costs. It’s safer to have a chauffeur drive you around the day while you enjoy some of the world’s finest wines.

It’s More Convenient:

With a luxury car hire in Mornington Peninsula, you can focus on spending quality time with your loved ones rather than planning the routes and departure times. Your chauffeur will take care of it all.


Tourists prefer to rent chauffeur cars in Mornington Peninsula because of the flexibility it offers. You can travel to distant wineries in town and choose to have as many stops as you like.

When it comes to Melbourne wine tour chauffeurs, Excellence Chauffeured Cars is your one-stop solution. Our trained chauffeurs ensure you reach your destination on time, with comfort and utmost safety. To book your luxury car with a chauffeur, please call 0429 190 927 or 1300 798 560.

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